smoking a blunt for the first time in five months. this should be interesting.

Posted 2 years ago

honest to god though, you’re like 25 years old. neither of you can be happy unless you’re making someone else miserable. GROW THE FUCK UP ALREADY. no one trusts you. no one respects you. no one LIKES you. you live in a dead end town, and you will die and rot in a dead end town. if i was there, i’d give you a taste of your own sick, twisted, immature medicine. i’d stay pretty pissed off and bitter too if i lived the lives that you two do. sad, pathetic human beings.

i’ve held my tongue up until you got your MALE friend to physically attack one of my best friends when she wasn’t expecting it, and when she couldn’t defend herself, just because she was speaking with your ex boyfriend. no one tried to stab your delusional ass, you got mad because she was talking to corey. jealousy isn’t pretty on a lady. i almost feel sorry for both of you. hahahah. almost. now, i’ve wasted enough of my precious time actually typing this out. hope nobody tries to waste my time or theirs trying to reply to this. i have a daughter to take care of, a husband to be with, and beaches to go to. stay classy.

Posted 2 years ago

aren’t you too old to be butt fucking children?

ya ain’t got no friends and your own family probably hate your guts. kill yo self.

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Black Cat Mystery #37 (1952)

here ya go, enjoy my face

haven’t been on here in forever

the internet connection where we were staying was so slow that it wouldn’t load anything on here. anyway, i’m back.

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hahah. i blocked landon little boy rickles on facebook.

and he messages me on tumblr. what a fucking creepy stalker. get a job, you’re a grown ass “man” who lives with your grandmother. we can talk when your testicle finally drop.

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Feline Blush’s ‘Wonderland Couture’ Campaign Offers Underwater Imagery by Ilse Moore

(via itsnauticalnonsense)